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Chain of Events

My Personal Experience with a Bob Rohrman Dealership

Dec 31st, 2001 - Purchased VW Pre-Owned Certified Jetta

After a month of negotiating, I purchased a 2001 VW Jetta GLX with 10,000 miles on it from Bob Rohrman Gurnee Volkswagen.

January 25, 2002

Brake alarms are going off. My boyfriend points this out to me and I tell him that I'll get it checked out. Of course as busy as I am, I just think that the brakes will eventually be fine.

February 6, 2002

Brakes are now grinding and feel like they are slipping as I try to brake. I call the auto repair shop to see if they can get me in. The owner says, how many miles are on that car? I tell him about 11,000. He say's there's no way that you need new brakes on that vehicle, its too soon. I insist that the brakes seem to be slipping can you just check it out. He tells me to bring it in the next business day.

February 7, 2002

Car gets dropped off at the service center. Later that day I get a call. Kind of strange but there's rust on the rotars, brake pads and pistons. We cleaned it up for you but that's about all we could do. Cost is $35. No problem, we'll see how this works out and if there's any more problems with the brakes I'll just replace them. The squealing noise from the brakes has not gone away, but is better when I pick the car up.

April 25th, 2002 - Service Appointment

Check Engine Light On Again.

May 24th, 2002 - Check Engine Light On Again

On our trip to Wisconsin Dells the Check Engine light came on again

June 17th, 2002 - Service Appointment

The Check Engine Light was on again.

June 24th, 2002 - Engine Light On

I'm driving home from work and the check engine light comes on again. The car starts hesitating and jumping. Scares the hell out of me. I call Gurnee VW Service Center. They tell me that I'm closer to Libertyville VW to bring the car there. I call Libertyville VW and Bill Barnickel tells me to bring the car in first thing in the morning.

June 25th, 2002 - Bring the car to Libertyville VW

I check the car in at 7:45AM with Bill Barnickel. He tells me that my warranty is up at the end of the month. I said that can't be, I have a 2 yr VW Pre-Owned Certified Warranty on this car. He recommends that I call the dealership where I purchased it. He said that he would call me before they did work on the car.
I stand outside of Libertyville VW waiting for my ride and call Gurnee VW.  I speak with Regina, she said that they can't find my paperwork to call back when Dan Bundalo arrives at 9:30PM. 
I call Dan Bundalo at 9:35AM.  He states that he can't find the paperwork either but he will have the service manager handle it and they will take care of me.
Bill Barnickel calls me and tells me that they cannot work on my car.  It is a fire hazard.  Someone installed an Auto Start on the car and it was a "hack job".  He explains that my car is 80% Computer / 20% Car.  They hacked the wires on the main wiring harness to the engine (heart of the computer of the car).  He said that they cannot fix it because the problems will reoccur until the Auto Start is taken out.  I told him that I never even knew the car had an auto start or this was installed.  I am now terrified to drive my car b/c of my last Jetta burning in my driveway.  My son was so hysterical he cried on and off with nightmares for a week and kept talking about our Jetta starting on fire.  I am so fearful to drive this car now.  Bill tells me to come pick it up, get the auto start taken out of there and try to get it fixed before my warranty is up at the end of the week.

June 26th, 2002 - I call Gurnee VW

I call Jim Kennedy, General Manager, of Gurnee Volkswagen. I explain the situation with the warranty. He tells me that they are looking into it and discussing it with the service manager. I then explain that my car is a fire hazard and they've sold me an unsafe car. I beg him to fix my car and make it safe for my family to be in. He says that he'll get back to me.

June 27th, 2002 - Call to get the Auto Start Taken Out

I woke up early and as I was surfing the internet realized that an old family friend worked for Bob Rohrman Auto Group.

June 28th, 2002 - Try Try Again

Speak with Mark Stege at Gurnee VW Service Center.  He says that they cannot fix the car under warranty.  I tell him I want the Auto Start taken out and then the car fixed.  He says that they can't take it out, but he knows of someone that might be able to.  He tells me to call him in ten minutes.  I am desperate.  He says that the company he knows can get it done today but I have to leave the car there all day.  He says that they can not look it over at the Gurnee Service Center, and if they could the repairs would not be covered under warranty.  I called him back and told him forget it, I'll bring the car to Libertyville VW, they'll fix it under warranty.  He says, that's probably better for me to go there if they'll do it under warranty.
I call my Dad who refers me to a friend of his that works on electrical wiring on cars. He said call him tell him its an emergency and see if he can help. He says bring the car over now. I tell my boss I'm taking the rest of the day off, I need to fix my car before the warranty is up on Sunday. She says no problem. I go to this man and he gets it disengaged but does not know where all the wiring has been hacked that there are almost 75 wires in there. I pay him $50 and thank him for his time. While under the hood, he shows me a sticker on the engine showing that an Auto Start was installed on the car. I take note of the manufacturers name.
I drive home, not feeling comfortable b/c it has not been removed, just disengaged.  I look up the manufacturer on the internet.  I find locations in the area that install it.  Call 7 of them and they don't have time to uninstall it.  I call Cars and Toys in Mundelien, IL and he says bring the car over now, I have downtime.  I said I'm on my way.  I get over there, he takes the whole thing out.  Tells me that it was a sloppy job and they messed up the wires pretty bad.  I pay him $65 for the job.
I call Bill Barnickel and explain that I got it out and I want him to take the car in before the warranty is up.  He says they have a skeleton crew on Saturday but be there when they open up.  I thank him up and down.
He says that they will fix it under warranty.

June 29th, 2002 - Go To Libertyville VW Service Center

I get into my Jetta to bring it to Liberty Auto Imports, the check engine light is off, AMAZING!!!!!
I get there when they open, talk to Bill.  Thank him up and down for helping me and really caring about the customer.  He tells me that it might be awhile, they want to check everything over for me.  I said go for it, I'll wait.  I sit for 3 hours while they inspect and re-look over everything on the car.  Problems with the air flow sensor so they fix it.  They reset the cars computer.  He tells me that there is no guarantee that the car will be fine due to the hack job on the wiring.  He said I can't guarantee that the car will have problems either, he said you never know.  It could be fine for the next five years.  I explain to him that I want to get out of the car as soon as possible.  He tells me that he's in until 1:30 if I want to get an extended warranty on the car.
I call him back at 1PM and tell him that I want out of this car as soon as possible so I'm not going to purchase an extended warranty.  I again thank him for putting my family first.  I said that his work and effort really changed the way that I view service shops.

July 1st, 2002 - Call to Randy Rohrman

I called Randy Rohrman at the Saturn of Gurnee for one last attempt for help. I told him that a friend of mine that I used to work with said that the Rohrman's were honest people and that I should speak directly to them instead of the managers at the dealership. So I attempted it and as I got further into my explanation he said that someone was there that wanted to speak to me. It was "The Old Family Friend". The way I was treated in this phone conversation I will not forget. I was talked down to like I was stupid and ignorant. Two things I am not. This was the time that she told me that they put the VW Pre-Owned Certification Tags in ALL used VW windows regardless of whether they've been inspected or not. She said that it means that they COULD be certified and inspected not that they are. I told her that I thought that this was false advertising and I wanted to do what was best for other consumers, that this is wrong. I told her that I put up this website voicing my concerns and that I was not going to be quiet about this. She said, "I guess you gotta do what you gotta do Tiff." I was hysterical after this phone conversation. How dare they treat me as if I'm ignorant and I don't know what I'm talking about. I am angry that car dealers think that they can get away with treating their customers like this and giving false information to swindle someone into buying a car.

July 2nd, 2002 - Gurnee VW Sees This Website

I had eight phone calls to my work phone number and my cell phone number from an employee of Bob Rohrman's cell phone between 2:15PM to 2:29PM. She left one message on my phone saying that they want to work something out.

July 3rd, 2002 - Call Them Back

I call and speak with the General Manager at the Gurnee VW. I said, I was looking for "My Old Family Friend" to return her call and wondering what you guys came up with. He stated that they wanted to try to get me the manufacturers warranty and help me out now. He said that I needed to bring the car to their dealership to have it inspected. I told him I was not interested in EVER bringing my car to their service center. I also told him that I wanted them to purchase the car back. I was terrified to drive my family in this Jetta. He told me that I'd have to speak to "My Old Family Friend".

Bob Rohrman Dealerships

These are some of the other Bob Rohrman Dealerships. I cannot give my opinion on these due to the fact that the only dealership that I've been a customer at is Gurnee Volkswagen. I can tell you one thing though, I will never purchase a car from any Rohrman dealership. The name has left a bad taste in my mouth.

  1. Arlington Acura
  2. Arlington Kia
  3. Arlington Lexus
  4. Arlington Nissan
  5. Waukegan Hyundai - This is the same location as Gurnee VW
  6. Gurnee Olds - This is the same location as Gurnee VW
  7. Kia of Waukegan
  8. Libertyville Mitsubishi
  9. Oakbrook Toyota
  10. Saturn of Gurnee
  11. Saturn of Libertyville
  12. Schaumburg Honda
  13. Bob Rohrman Daewoo - Located in Lafayette, Indiana
  14. Bob Rohrman Honda - located in Lafayette, IN
  15. Bob Rohrman Hyundai - Located in Lafayette, IN
  16. Bob Rohrman Jeep - located in Lafayette, IN
  17. Rohrman Kia - located in Lafayette, IN
  18. Rohrman Lincoln Mercury - located in Lafayette, IN
  19. Rohrman Mitsubishi - located in Lafayette, Indiana
  20. Bob Rohrman Subaru - located in Lafayette
  21. Rohrman Suzuki - located in Lafayette
  22. Rohrman Toyota - Lafayette, IN
  23. Saturn of Lafayette - Lafayette, IN
  24. Fort Wayne Acura - located in Fort Wayne, IN
  25. Fort Wayne Daewoo - in Fort Wayne, IN
  26. Fort Wayne Kia
  27. Fort Wayne Nissan - located in Fort Wayne, Indiana
  28. Fort Wayne Subaru - located in Ft. Wayne, Indiana
  29. Fort Wayne Toyota - located in Ft. Wayne, IN
  30. Fort Wayne Infiniti - located in Ft.Wayne, IN
  31. Fort Wayne Lexus - located in Ft.Wayne, Indiana
  32. Indy Izuzu - located in Indianapolis, IN
  33. Indy Honda - located in Indianapolis, IN
  34. Indy Hyundai - located in Indianapolis, IN
  35. Indy Suzuki - located in Indianapolis, IN
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