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You've spent a large amount of money on a vehicle that is consistently performing poorly. Repeated trips back to the dealer or shop give you reason to suspect you may be driving a "lemon". If you have a lemon, you may have to fight for your rights. Your lemonlaw rights are defined by state law and the warranty that came with the vehicle. These rights may be far greater than you think.

Hiring a lemon law lawyer will cost you no attorney fees. Many of the consumer and state laws that are utilized by Krohn & Moss Ltd. provide for payment of these fees by the manufacturer when a lemon law claim is successful.

If you think you have a lemon, make certain you keep a copy of all repair work orders. A complete record of the vehicle's history is important to your lemonlaw claim. TSB's, or technical service bulletins, are instructions from the manufacturer that alert dealerships about defects or repairs in certain models. Ask the mechanic to write your TSB request on the repair order. Don't be misled by the dealership. If the problem continues, your lemonlaw situation might require legal help.

The state and federal laws apply to all vehicles including cars, trucks, vans, RV's, boats, motorcycles and defective consumer products such as computers. For information on the laws in your state, click on one of the states shown above, or click on the "lemon in another state?" button to find help in other states. Call 1-800-US LEMON (800-875-3666) toll free, to reach Krohn & Moss, Ltd. for a free* consultation, or submit your information online.

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