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A Message To The User At The Bob Rohrman IP Address

Bob Rohrman Group IP USER, Also known as user BJK411 and BJK411too on my personal website. Please stop sending your harassing and defamatory messages to me. I don't appreciate it. The Bob Rohrman Auto Group has put me through enough hell and treated me terribly along the way. The messages have been traced back to a computer on the Bob Rohrman Auto Group Network located at Arlington Lexus in Palatine.
Your messages are harassing and defamates my character.  I am a good honest person.  I pay all of my bills at least 1-2 months ahead of time.  Any of my friends and family could vouch for that.  I provide a very comfortable lifestyle for my family and I work very hard.  I am not a dead beat as you indicate in your message.  I do not need to justify anything to you.  Everything contained in this website did happen to me.  I was treated terribly, and your dealership told me basically to go screw myself as politely as possible.  That did not fix my problem, honor my warranty, or put my family in a safe car.  You are a Bob Rohrman employee, therefore any personal information should be held confidential and you don't have the right to disclose that information.  If you plan on posting any more messages please be sure that they are not harassing or defamates my character.  You may want to consult a lawyer prior to posting a message that is harassing or defamatory from your work computer at the Arlington Lexus in Palatine.  You might also want to look into the legal implications that it could cause to you.  A logical and honest response to my situation from a corporate standpoint is more than welcome.  However, I don't think that its fair that your dealership or any of its employees harass me.  Once again, I am very unhappy that Bob Rohrman Auto Group is trying to hurt me, the customerThe customer that never deserved the problems that you have burdened me with to begin with.
My lawyer has been given all of the records showing what was posted on the website by you.  We also have all of the records showing you posted the messages on July 19th, 2002. I have your IP address captured from your login.  I have an IP address that traces back to AOL, which they've been made aware of the situation, and your other IP address traces back to Arlington Lexus in Palatine.  I have further records showing each time you logged into the website on July 19th and both messages that were posted in an unprofessional manner:
10:23pm 7/19/2002
11:49am 7/19/2002
9:20am 7/19/2002
Any further communication should be handled directly with my lawyer. I am not harassing any of the dealerships, nor its employees. I begged for help from Gurnee Volkswagen, I was in tears, asking for help and they told me there was nothing that they could do. I have made no misrepresentations of any of the statements above, everything stated above is to the best of my knowledge and based upon service records and factual information. I was not even aware that there was an auto start installed on my car until Libertyville VW told me. This whole situation has made me sick to my stomach, not able to sleep at night and a nervous wreck. I consulted a lawyer because after trying several times it got me nowhere with the dealership. I've now put this in his hands and no longer want to think about it. My concern is that I get out of this car and into something more safe. That is the objective that I've given to the lawyer. I do not want to deal with any Bob Rohrman Dealership or its employees from this point forward. I will allow my lawyer to handle everything.  
The message that was traced back to a user at the Bob Rohrman Arlington Lexus dealership in Palatine, IL.  There two harassing messages that the IP User posted that defamates my character.
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